Chicken or Egg – Effective Marketing Strategy

Chicken or Egg?

It depends.

Many Phoenix AZ marketing firms would say CHICKEN.  A truly insightful Phoenix AZ marketing firm would see the correct answer as YES, or IT DEPENDS. On what, you ask? What time is it? Are you hungry? Health conscious?

For me, it depends on time of day. For dinner, I will take a great piece of fried chicken any day over a tiny, lonely egg. My felt need at 5 pm is DINNER but at 6:00 am, I pick the egg. Enter #marketingtrends – programmatic marketing.

A silly illustration to describe an important digital marketing trend in micro-targeting based on programmatic capabilities. All important info that our Phoenix AZ marketing firm is paying attention to.  For example, according to Joshua Spanner, head of Google’s Media Lab, Google’s recent Search App campaign with dynamic content that changed based on location of user, time of day, and other live data points delivered their strongest mobile results to date. Spanner also refers to the “micro-moment” – the intersection of demographic and psychographic data with intent and decision that programmatic buying can make possible.

In 2017, the already $15 billion dollar programmatic advertising spend is poised for more growth, financially and technologically. As the big boys like Google and Yahoo hone in on the massive amounts of data they collect, they can leverage that data to build even more effective ad delivery platforms targeting more specific consumer behaviors. As publishers aggregate and anonymize their findings, they can also offer more highly targeted and responsive programmatic media buys using geo-targeting, time of day, etc. The result will be the increasingly effective ROI of programmatic ads. When campaigns deliver results, repeat buying is the response.Make sure you are using the RIGHT Phoenix AZ marketing firm to harness the power of technology.

It is a year of continuing technological change with increased marketer opportunity. At the same time, the person at then end of the ad message should never be forgotten. In the digital world, the messaging has to remain consumer focused to answer the felt need. Additionally, data helps us deliver better campaign results, but being mindful to protect consumer privacy will be paramount, a primary responsibility for the platforms and advertisers who hold the data.

The final takeaway is that while technology continues to drive greater opportunities, we can’t forget that we are serving people. Elevate Marketing LLC, a Phoenix AZ marketing firm, has the experience and expertise to meet needs, deliver value, and build trust. Here’s to an exciting 2019!  Find out what our clients are saying about how our marketing expertise drives growth.  Connect with us on Facebook to get free marketing tips.

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