Marketing Strategy Needs Flour and Eggs First

Dazzle Me With Your Marketing Strategy

How many of us feel compelled to do the “dazzle” with our 2019 marketing strategies to justify our budgets or worse yet, our salaries? A successful marketing strategy will view the dazzle in the same way we view the icing on our favorite cake – it’s the tastiest part but it is also the smallest part of our beloved dessert.

New marketing strategies or plans also shouldn’t necessarily be “new” in the purest sense of the word. If they are brand new, that means nothing we did the previous year worked. It also means that none of the data, or analytical insights yielded valuable information that allowed us to improve our strategies in the previous year. If that is the case, it is time to go back to square one and build from the bottom up.

If, however, the marketing strategy for this year is built on informed data, it will be an ever improving process from one year to the next. Indeed, it should be from one day to the next, one week, one month, and so forth. Paying extremely close attention to marketing analytics yields a gold mine of information from which to build effective marketing strategies that are goal driven and metrics informed.

The dazzle is the enticement, not the main ingredients, but not to be under valued or overlooked by any means. You can have the most solid strategy in the world, but if you don’t engage your customer base with anything attention grabbing, you’ll have very little data to review. Just remember, make the cake first. While the cake is in the oven, make the icing. And only when the cake is done should you roll out the icing.

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