Lead to Conversion Nonprofit Marketing Strategies

Your nonprofit marketing strategy includes increasing web traffic, and you have worked hard on driving traffic. Your hard work is paying off, and traffic is ticking up. Looking at a Google Analytics traffic report even gives you the warm fuzzies. You might even treat yourself to a Starbucks Trenta to celebrate!

Congrats on a job well done! And no bubble bursting intended, but having lots of site traffic is only as good as your ability to convert that traffic. And converting from website visitor to lead is also awesome! However, even that valued lead is only worth something if you can convert the lead to a donor, a volunteer, etc. Whether you are marketing to increase donors, get new volunteers, or even event marketing, you have to make sure that all of your nonprofit marketing strategy ducks are in a row to convert leads to donors, volunteers, or attendees.

Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Ducks

marketing strategy details - ducks in a row

Why are there so many ducks, you ask? Because how successful your lead to donor, volunteer, etc. is only as good as the attention you pay to the details. And its not just the details that you need to pay attention to – it is really the people that you want to connect with as donors volunteers, attendees, etc. Effective nonprofit marketing strategy has to be much more personalized than ever before. You need to understand people to connect with them. What do they want? How can what you are offering genuinely meet their needs? From identifying felt needs, you have to eloquently articulate how you can meet those needs.

And there is way more…. What?? Yes, it’s true. So you can continue to celebrate with those Starbucks Trenta’s, we have a great nonprofit marketing strategy tool for you! It is a downloadable lead to conversion checklist. You’re welcome.

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