Why Thought Leadership is so Important
for Leaders and Organizations

It Builds Trust
and Grows Revenue

What Unique insights do You Have to Offer?

88% of Business Leaders Believe Thought Leadership
Enhances Organizational Perception

marketing advertising companies build marketing relationships

Thought Leadership Content Marketing
Increases RFP Invites
Purchase Wins, Upsells
And Cross-Sells
by 48%.

Research illustrates that after a thought leadership content marketing piece is consumed, companies not previously in the running were invited to bid on a project.  Others were awarded new business, or a new product or service was purchased that was not previously considered.

According to Decision Makers,
Thought Leadership is Used to
Vet a Company's Capabilities
71% of the Time.

71% of decision makers confirm that reading thought leadership is the best way to ascertain the calibre of an organization and has positively impacted buying decisions. 60% of decision-makers are willing to pay a premium for services when a company is deemed of higher quality as a result of this type of content marketing.

Most decision makers spend at least 1 hour per week consuming thought leadership articles, yet only 17% believe that though leadership being produced is high quality.  This creates a substantial opportunity to step in and lead.

Elevate Marketing provides content marketing services.  We help leaders produce thought leadership articles and get them published.  Too busy to manage your thought leadership positioning?

Elevate Marketing has the expertise
to position you  as a thought leader.

Elevate Marketing Full Service Advertising Agency Phoenix AZ

Elevate Marketing is a full service marketing and communications firm located in Phoenix, AZ with over 15 years of experience serving national, state, and local clients.

Schedule a complimentary
thought leadership and reputation management consultation.

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Data Source: Edelman-LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study

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