the 2021 colorado state fair proposal
Presented by elevate marketing llc
november 20, 2020

Elevate Marketing advertising agency


Elevate Marketing LLC is a full-service marketing firm with fifteen years of experience serving satisfied clients around the United States. Our research-based approach creates marketing plans that eliminate guesswork and maximize results.

Our full-service agency takes an integrated, holistic approach to marketing, which maximizes the impact of ad budgets. We strategically coordinate all communications channels to grow brand awareness, increase message clarity, and exponentially expand each channel’s effectiveness. This advantageous approach leverages budgets, maximizes impressions, and connects to audiences on multiple platforms at multiple times to move them to take action.

Elevate Marketing’s approach is a blend of science and art. Our integrated approach begins with robust market research. Vickie Isaac, President/CEO, holds a Master’s Degree in Human Relations, and Cassie Rodgers, Client Services Manager, holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Our research expertise incorporates psychographics, demographics, and media market research to escalate efficiencies in reaching the right people with the right message at the right time. We have the expertise and experience to grow attendance across all demographics for the Colorado State Fair.

We have provided marketing services for some of Colorado’s key destinations, including ski resorts, financial services, non-profits, and more. Additionally, Elevate Marketing has helped destination clients like Grand Canyon West, home of the Skywalk on the west rim of the Grand Canyon, triple website traffic and increase ticket sales by over 50% in just three months.

Our deep expertise also includes public relations, including the President/CEO serving the State of Arizona as Director of Communications for the Arizona Dept. of Child Safety. This position requires a high level of public relations expertise to manage complicated communications situations.

In conclusion, the invitation to the history rich, family-friendly, and educational summer fun at the State Fair is one that Colorado residents of all ages and ethnicities will welcome. Elevate Marketing’s broad understanding of Colorado, paired with our expertise, will deliver a robust marketing and communications strategy that will grow attendance and brand awareness of the State Fair as one of Colorado’s most treasured traditions and summer destinations.


ADVERTISING MEDIA RECOMMENDATIONS & MEDIA BUYING CAPABILITY – CEO WORKED IN MEDIA 8 YRS. 108 PROJECTS IN THE LAST TWO YEARS INCLUDING: Media market research, media mix planning including TV, radio, outdoor, digital, social media, and print media buys including rates negotiation, ads placement, obtaining value-add elements, ad buy reconciliation.

BRANDING – 21 PROJECTS IN THE LAST TWO YEARS INCLUDING: Strategy, brand communications, positioning, audience evaluation and tracking, graphic identity standards, brainstorming, trademark research and management, logo development, co-branding support, product/service launch planning and support

COPY WRITING – CEO HAS INTERNATIONALLY PUBLISHED GHOST WRITING ARTICLES. 1,350 PROJECTS IN THE LAST TWO YEARS INCLUDING: Development of written materials for ads, brochures, web sites, search engine optimized content, press releases, social media content, blog writing, script writing for video/TV

DIGITAL MARKETING – AGENCY DATA SHOWS INCREASE IN LEAD VOLUME, DECREASE IN OVERHEAD COSTS. 215 PROJECTS IN LAST TWO YEARS INCLUDING: Multimedia presentations, on-line ad development, SMS marketing, channel selection, analytics, A/B testing

E-MAIL MARKETING – CLIENT DATA ILLUSTRATES CAMPAIGNS OUTPERFORM INDUSTRY TRENDS. 1,765 PROJECTS IN THE LAST TWO YEARS INCLUDING: List development, copy writing, graphic design, distribution, online staging, analytics

GRAPHIC DESIGN – 18 PROJECTS IN THE LAST TWO YEARS INCLUDING: Logo Design, Copy Material for Brochure, Layout, Infographics, Flyer Design, Graphic Art Imagery

Strategy, press kits, story development, copy writing, press release and media alerts, media tours, crisis management, PSA’s, internal communications, video news releases, media inquiry management, media training, media outreach, media monitoring/coverage, analysis

SOCIAL MEDIA – CONTENT IS PROVEN TO SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASE WEBSITE TRAFFIC. 288 PROJECTS IN LAST TWO YEARS INCLUDING: Calendar/editorial plans, contests, newsfeed promotion, copy writing, posting services, monitoring of social channels, troll management, campaign analytics

TRADE SHOWS AND EXPOS – CLIENTS REPORT HIGH SELL IN RATES & HIGHER BOOTH TRAFFIC THAN COMPETITORS. 24 PROJECTS IN LAST TWO YEARS INCLUDING: Booth design, pre-show and in-show promotions, booth storage and logistics, pre-show management

VIDEO PRODUCTION & EDITING – CLIENTS REPORT HIGH LEVELS OF PUBLIC RESPONSE TO VIDEOS. 22 PROJECTS IN LAST TWO YEARS INCLUDING: Script, filming, editing, art direction, production, sound mixing, b-roll management, management of sub-contractors

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT – OUR DESIGNS IMMEDIATELY GENERATE INCREASED INTERACTIVITY. 24 PROJECTS IN LAST TWO YEARS INCLUDING: Website design, development, and maintenance, integration of data capture, automated marketing, search engine optimization

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