About Us

We Are Brain Surgeons, Astronauts, & Neuroscientists. OK, We’re Not.

But We Are Experienced Marketing Gurus with

Over 15 Years of Helping Our Clients Reach Their Marketing Goals.

Marketing Gurus

A Dedicated, Talented Team

Vickie Isaac, M.Ed., President and CEO

Vickie Isaac, M.EdWith over fifteen years of marketing experience in broadcast, agency, for profit, non-profit, and government sectors, and an adjunct professor, Vickie has a research focused yet creative approach that delivers innovative and effective marketing strategies. Having served in the non-profit, government, and broadcast sectors, she brings broad experience and focused expertise to bear for the clients we serve.  She is not a brain surgeon but uses her brain daily. While juggling espresso.

Vickie is passionate about helping to make our world a better place. She is the founder of “We Are Their Future”, a not-for-profit dedicated to finding forever families for foster children.  Very happily married with five grown children, Vickie is committed to serving businesses and organizations that make a positive difference.

Our Staff

Talented. Genius. Humble.

Cassie Rodgers, M.S., Marketing Services Manager

Cassie holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology. As Elevate’s Marketing Services Manager, she ensures that our clients’ needs are clearly understood and met.  She puts her educational background to work to understand our clients’ customers. Her research focused, attention to detail approach enhances the ability to create communications with target audiences that resonate based on felt needs.

Cassie and her husband are joyfully parenting two young children.  Cassie also serves as one of the Children’s Ministry Directors at her church.  She has spent time in Africa, ministering in orphanages and schools where HIV is ravaging children’s lives.  Everywhere Cassie goes, she works hard to make a positive impact, and it is absolutely true about her work at Elevate Marketing.

Elevate Marketing staff

Our Top Notch Team

We have a top notch team that delivers high quality web and graphic design, video production, content and script writing, internet and social media marketing, media production and buying, market research and strategy. With measurable result. Smart enough for brain surgery, able to split atoms and create a livable habitat on Mars. Well, almost. True marketing gurus.