Case Study #2 – JLC Roofing & RyanKart (new business launch by CEO)

The client is one of Arizona’s largest roofing companies.  Elevate Marketing redesigned the website to give it a more modern look and is currently optimizing it for search engines.  In addition to writing the search engine optimized content for the website, we provide search engine optimized blog services.  There is a link below to visit the JLC Roofing primary website.

The owner of JLC Roofing recently launched another business.  Elevate Marketing provided the marketing support to prepare his new business launch at an industry trade show for grocery and retail.  The samples below illustrate Elevate Marketing’s ability to provide marketing support for events and tradeshows.

The client was very pleased with the design, stating that the attractiveness of the booth drew visitors away from their competition, and that the presales for their product were far greater than anticipated.

“As one of Arizona’s leading roofing companies, we need high quality marketing and communications to represent our company appropriately. I own a number of businesses, and I don’t shop around. I know Elevate can handle whatever I give them, they do the work so I can focus on my businesses, and the end products are always exactly what I need. I won’t use anyone else. I trust they have my best interests at heart and aren’t just out to make a buck. Elevate Marketing is simply the best in the market, plus they are a one stop shop to meet all of our communications needs to help us grow in a very competitive environment.”

-Jason Bowers, CEO, JLC Roofing

Convention Booth Design

Roofing Website

Stand Alone Display for Booth

Sales Conference Brochure

Register to Win

Contesting Poster

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