The website is foundational to effective marketing. It is the “store” where people shop. Organic traffic to the Colorado State Fair website is key to increasing loyalty, improving interest and expanding participation. Organic traffic also can lower costs and increase effectiveness of paid advertising campaigns. It should be in top form at all times to maximize impact. Key concerns are identified below:

– Data capture: there is no data capture on the site. Data capture is essential to grow the e-mail marketing list and cost effectively stay top of mind for people interested in the offerings at the fair. This can be segmented by unique interests – agriculture, music, motorsports, rodeo, etc. to increase loyalty. Data capture should be connected to e-mail marketing software that sends out automated messaging, a monthly newsletter, etc.

-Search engine optimization: A two year examination of organic search traffic for shows a fairly stagnate trend in organic traffic and keyword rankings with the exception of a spike for 4th quarter of 2019. While some keywords are moving up in rankings, more are moving downwards. The traffic did not substantially uptick during the 2020 virtual wave. Additionally, is serving as a competitor for traffic, with the 2019 fair information still on the site.

– Technical issues: Page speed is quite slow at 16 seconds load time (should be no more than 5 seconds) and images are not responsive for various screen sizes. The javascript library is outdated and is a security risk. Backlinks are primarily from site.

Recommended Actions: While some SEO work has been done, robust keyword research needs to be conducted to integrate high quality keywords into the content. Page content needs improving. A keyword optimized blog, connecting to all social media sites through a content aggregator needs to installed to fuel organic traffic. Technical issues need to be repaired. Data capture and e-mail marketing need to be engaged.

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