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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to submit our proposal to market the Colorado State Fair.  I truly hope you have enjoyed it!   Obviously the audio and video clips are not professionally produced, but hopefully they give you an idea of how heartwarming the charm of Colorado residents is. We believe the personalized messaging is the key to success, and hope we have illustrated the difference it makes in touching hearts and minds for all things Colorado — which is what the Colorado State Fair represents!  Wonderful, diverse and talented people, a unique culture to be cherished, and a time to celebrate together!

On behalf of our full service marketing/communications agency, we would be delighted  to partner with the Colorado State Fair in meeting the goals of increasing attendance through personally communicating in meaningful ways to all Colorado residents.  We look forward to further discussing the specifics of meeting the needs of the Colorado State Fair. It would be an honor to serve the Fair and the people of Colorado.

On behalf of the Elevate Marketing team, we wish you the very best success for 2021’s fair!

Warm regards,

Vickie Isaac, M.Ed.
Elevate Marketing

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