With over 15 years of public relations experience, Elevate Marketing can get your story  to the right people, and make sure it is told the right way.  Whether a business, non-profit, or government entity, we have the experience to increase positive media attention and protect your professional reputation, both offline and online.

Smart public relations is more than writing a press release and pushing a button. It is requires proactive reputation management, detailed crisis management planning, positive media outreach, expert writing skills, and an instinct for timing. –Vickie Isaac, M.Ed.

We Get People Talking

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Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity

Christine Odom, CEO, Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona

“We hired Elevate Marketing to manage public relations and media buying for our non-profit organization. They understood that as a non-profit we needed to stretch every dollar and so they “pitched” additional “donations” of media time or print space to our organization with each negotiation they handled. We obtained great value with excellent customer service and raised awareness for our cause at the same time! Elevate Marketing took a very personal interest in our organization and our staff and it showed in their work!”

nonprofit marketing Family Research Council
Family Research Council

“Instant communication is critical to our mission. Adding text messaging communications through Elevate Marketing is helping to enhance our communication capabilities by allowing us to target specific groups when instant communication is needed.”