Believe it or not, compelling creative, including branding, website design, print and digital advertising design, starts with detailed research.  While it feels counter-intuitive, it makes good sense.  Age, gender, education and household income levels are some of the factors that should inform the creative processes.  When the creative work is customized, it resonates with the people you want to respond to your communication.   Response rates are substantially higher when creative is informed by research.

“Our philosophy – don’t create until you know who you are creating for. It’s about research, research, research. ” –Vickie Isaac, M.Ed.

Whether it is commercial production, videos, graphic design, or copywriting, Elevate Marketing meshes the science of research with the art of creative design. The result is compelling messaging that evokes a positive response.

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Elevate’s President, Vickie Isaac, is a dynamic blend encompassing a feel for the arts and visual media in addition to dedication to detail and process. … Few have this blend of art and science. Dr. John Hodgson

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About Meshing Attention to Detail with Creative

Dr. John Hodgson, MD said:

Vickie is a dynamic blend encompassing a feel for the arts and visual media in addition to a dedication to detail and process. In my experience, most persons with great interpersonal skills and awareness are often lacking in the drive needed to drive complex problems to completion. Not Vickie!

She can understand the need, envision the project and then execute it flawlessly. My experience with her spans 15 years including working with her on medical marketing, non-profit marketing and promotion, as well as educational seminars.