Elevate Marketing Welcomes Law Enforcement Specialists

Elevate Marketing is Pleased to Announce We Are Now Serving Law Enforcement Specialists

Law Enforcement Specialists is celebrating 25 years of helping keep our country safe while providing additional income for our brave police officers. In light of recent national shooting incidents, it is clear to see why the services they provide are so important.

Elevate Marketing is committed to serving organizations that make a difference. We are privileged to serve wonderful non-profit organizations and for profit corporations all committed to making our world a better place.

“We are honored to serve Law Enforcement Specialists, and join with them in honoring our brave police officers around the nation that work tirelessly to keep us safe as we go about our every day lives. Elevate Marketing looks forward to being a key catalyst in the national expansion of their lifesaving work.”

– Vickie Isaac, President/CEO, Elevate Marketing

Congratulations to Law Enforcement Specialists as they celebrate the twenty-five years of dedication and hard work that has grown the company to just over 10,000 officers from 750 law enforcement agencies in 42 states.

If you need to take proactive steps to keep people safe, please call us at
1-623-825-6700 or e-mail them at info@lesaz.com for a complimentary security consultation.

For a complimentary marketing consultation for your business or non-profit organization, reach out to our Phoenix AZ advertising agency here.

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