Elevate Marketing Welcomes All Kids Need Music

Elevate Marketing Welcomes All Kids Need Music

From the Desk of Vickie Isaac, M.Ed., President & CEO of Elevate Marketing

Elevate Marketing welcomes All Kids Need Music (AKNM),  our newest non-profit client.  We are honored to serve AKNM by providing non-profit marketing and development services.  

Serving with them, we are also honored to be a part of making a difference in the lives of U.S. orphans, a cause we care deeply about.  These children have suffered such horrific abuse and neglect through no fault of their own.

For the children who are unable to be reunited with their families (parents do not change dangerous behaviors), their parental rights are severed and they truly become orphans. While in the system, they often bounce from group home to group home, changing an average of three times per year. Often, this means changing schools, losing friends, and any trusting relationships they built at the last group home. Every year, approximately twenty thousand U.S. orphans age out of the foster care system without being adopted, and are forced to the face the adult world with no support system, carrying the brokenness of their past.

All Kids Need Music provides free online music lessons and musical instruments. The benefits include having something to call their own that they don’t lose when they move or change schools (think how hard it is to participate in school activities when you move or don’t have the money to participate). Because the lessons are online, it does not matter where they live. And, science has proven that learning to play a musical instrument improves learning ability, decreases depression, and improves social outcomes. It’s so important for these children who have been horribly abused and neglected!

There are numerous levels of personal and corporate sponsorships available. Corporate sponsorships come with many benefits, including corporate spotlights in the monthly newsletter, on social media, and on the website with links to the sponsor’s website. Company employees can also write encouraging letters to the children, and receive updates on their progress. Go HERE for more information on corporate sponsorship.

There are personal sponsorships as well, so be sure to share about the need with your friends, family, church, school, etc! Individual sponsors can sponsor one or more foster children and their instrument, or just their instrument, or just the student, as well as make a one time contribution of any amount. Individuals can also write encouraging notes to their sponsored child. Go HERE  for more information. Any companies you know, any individuals you know – the need is so great!

In Arizona alone, almost 900 children aged out of the foster care system last year without ever being adopted – they are facing adult life alone with no family. Their outcomes are typically poor – high incidence of drug use, pregnancy, homelessness, etc. We have to reach these children and help them now – they should not have to go through life alone. All Kids Need Music is an IRS registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your donation is tax deductible. Thanks again for caring, be as generous as you can, and please help us spread the word! If you, or someone you know is interested in adopting an Arizona foster child, you can view children hoping and praying for forever families HERE

At Elevate Marketing, we truly partner with our clients to help them reach their goals.  If you need non-profit marketing services, we would love to visit with you, and would be honored to serve your organization.  You can find out more about our non-profit marketing services and download a complimentary non-profit marketing checklist  HERE.  Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and ways we can help.

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