Non profit marketing is our passion. You change lives – we want to help you do it.  We have over two decades of marketing for non profits.  We understand fundraising and can deliver the marketing strategy you need to grow revenue and expand outreach.

Our strategies can help your organization increase engagement – both volunteer and donor engagement.  We will help you connect with new people as well – both volunteers and donors to grow your lists.

Marketing is only as effective as the ability to convert leads to volunteers and donors.  We make sure that the communication is personal and engaging to maximize the number of new volunteers and donors that join your non profit organization.

Heaven is Real – Tina Hines Was There

The Powerful Tina Hines Story – From Life to Death

Tina Hines was clinically dead for 20 minutes. While medical professionals were working on her body, she was in Heaven. When she returned, she told her family, “It is real”. Hear Tina’s personal testimony of death, Heaven including seeing Jesus, and the return to life. Find out how the undeniable knowledge of His existence has changed how she lives her life today.


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