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Multiply Engagement

Increasing existing volunteer and donor engagement is crucial to growth. A key component of our nonprofit marketing strategy is the creation of compelling content to increasing engagement. Personalized donor and volunteer profiles allow for audience segmentation by interest. Personalized messaging increases engagement.

Connect with New People

Growing your database of prospective donors and volunteers is a critical function of nonprofit marketing. Best practice inbound lead strategies can positively impact lead generation without breaking the piggy bank. We typically are able to help organizations increase lead generation while lowering the cost per lead.

Lead Conversion

Leads are only as valuable as the ability to convert them. Nonprofit marketing content that doesn't resonate, has clumsily worded calls to action, and/or ineffective landing page design can undermine conversion efforts. Marketing funnels must be personalized to match your donor personas.

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"Elevate Marketing has deep experience helping nonprofits grow. Whether it is international, national, state or local, we can help your organization grow. We are passionate about marketing your mission so you can make the world a better place."
Vickie Isaac, M.Ed
Vickie Isaac, m.Ed.

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education marketing

Education Marketing in Strange Times

We all hoped that the 2021-2022 school year would bring relief and a return to the normal classroom experience.  Enter… the Delta variant of COVID-19 and the increased virality of its’ impact.  Educational leaders are scrambling again, learning, balancing, and juggling priorities to help their students succeed while protecting their health.   And, as educational leaders scramble and juggle, education marketing once again needs to adjust messaging and methodologies.

All Kids Need Music helps homeless children

Elevate Marketing Press Release 06.23.2020

While poverty and homeless rises for Arizona’s at risk child population, All Kids Need Music, In partnership with the Children First Leadership Academy (formerly Thomas J. Pappas School for the Homeless), have stepped up to provide personal attention and support to over 70 homeless and impoverished Arizona children. In its final week of a four week summer camp, All Kids Need Music has provided the transformative power of therapeutic music education proven to positively impact physical, social, emotional and cognitive outcomes for at risk, underprivileged, foster and orphaned Arizona children.

Elevate Marketing press release about homeless children

Elevate Marketing Press Release 06.21.2020

In the midst of the scorching heat, homeless and impoverished Arizona children are enjoying air conditioned classrooms, two nourishing meals a day, therapeutic music lessons, and help with their academics to improve their educational outcomes. The Children First Leadership Academy (formerly Thomas J. Pappas School for the Homeless) is partnering with All Kids Need Music to help Arizona’s most vulnerable children receive the personalized attention they need to improve their chances for positive academic and mental health outcomes. Without intervention, the long term effects of childhood homeless and poverty can rob them of the chance for a productive, happy life.



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