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Multiply Engagement

Increasing volunteer and donor engagement is crucial to nonprofit growth.  It is actually the "low hanging fruit" in revenue growth strategy.  Compelling content is key to increasing engagement.  Nonprofit marketing must building include donor and volunteer profiles to customize content - the more personalized, the better.  Segmenting the databases by profiles is a must to create personalized messaging.

Connect With New People

Growing a lead list of prospective donors and volunteers is one critical function of nonprofit marketing.  The good news is that new strategies for growing the nonprofit's database of potential donors and volunteers move away from solely relying on advertising budgets. Effective inbound lead strategies can positively impact lead generation without breaking the piggy bank.

Lead Conversion

A properly segmented database of leads is only as valuable as the organization's ability to convert from lead to donor or volunteer.  Highly effective nonprofit marketing strategy at this phase is absolutely crucial to impact conversions.  Content that doesn't resonate, inappropriately placed and clumsily worded calls to action, and ineffective landing page design all can undermine the conversion efforts.

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

Don't invest in bringing visitors to your website without a solid nonprofit marketing strategy to convert from lead to donor or lead to volunteer. Dot your i's and cross your t's to increase conversion rates.

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What Our Clients Say

Habitat for Humanity

"Elevate Marketing understands that non-profits need every dollar stretched. They pitched "donations" of media with every negotiation. We obtained great value, excellent service and raised awareness at the same time! They took a very personal interest in our organization. It shows in their work!"

Christine O. Ringette, CEO, Habitat for Humanity Central Phoenix

Family Research Council

“Instant communication is critical to our mission.  Adding text messaging through Elevate Marketing is helping to enhance our communication capabilities by allowing us to target specific groups when instant communication is needed.”

Family Research Council

Blueprint Education

"I could not be more pleased with the work Elevate has done.  Elevate has worked with our online school for the last year. Due to their efforts, enrollments are up 42% year to date, our cost per lead has dropped by more than 68%, and our cost per student acquisition has fallen by 64%."

Mark French, CEO, Blueprint Education